Figuring it out.

Hi! This is Rohit.

I write about SaaS Marketing among other things.

I work for high growth SaaS companies, set up Marketing from 0 to 1. I am most active on LinkedIn, somewhat active on Twitter.

Why This Site?

This website is my online living room.

It is a swipe file of my favorite things, mostly original – essays, thoughts, ramblings, rants. It would mostly be marketing related, especially SaaS.

Every 7 out of 10 will be Marketing, Every 5 out of those 7 will be SaaS.

Begin with My Top 3 Posts

I have written a lot more but these have been loved by the most people. Let me know if you liked them.

A User Guide To Working With Rohit Srivastav

Things are simple and they have a manual. Humans are so damn complex, but there’s none. Here’s mine though.

Pulitzer vs. Hearst: A Lesson For Content Marketing

A fight between the biggest media moguls has more for us marketers to learn. A lesson in history and content. Enjoy.

A Lazy A** Guide to Maintaining a Swipe File

Swipe files are back in vogue. There’s a reason why Dave Gerhardt swears by his. Here’s a low effort guide in maintaining one.