Who is Rohit Srivastav?


Hi, my name is Rohit  ****(if that wasn’t clear from the website title and the domain name. I said it.)

I am a marketer, mostly. A B2B SaaS one at that. I love copywriting and marketing psychology.

I thrive in Early Stage Companies and Chaos. Most times, they mean the same.

I have built marketing teams time and again. Succeeded in most of them.

  • At WebEngage, was the first Inbound Guy, set up the entire content marketing and more.
  • At CleverTap, early marketing team helped scale leads from 100 to 800 per month through Inbound Magic.
  • At Plobal Apps, helped to 3x the MRR.
  • At Netcore Solutions, led the Growth Team, set up and scaled channels, PR, and Brand.

A User Guide To Working With Rohit Srivastav

Machines are simple beings and yet you have a 130 page manual when you come across one. Humans are much much more complex, yet no one comes with a manual. This is my humble attempt at building mine.

My long-ish Story of How I got Into SaaS

Act I: Facebook Memes

Back in 2012, I had a meme page on Facebook. It was decently viral (contagious, at the least). One fine day, a guy from a small company pinged me with his own meme. I shared it on the page, but his story intrigued me.

It kept me wondering – why would anyone, any damn guy leave better pay at an IT giant like Wipro and join an 8 people company.

I didn’t know that the 8 people company was called Wingify, and it wasn’t a small software company but a SaaS Startup. Thank you Siddharth Deswal for that fateful meme.

Act II: Viral on Quora

Out of my MBA, I was placed at an Insurance company, selling insurance to the rich and famous. It was alright but I was bored. I wanted to write, more than anything else. Quora came to my rescue.

I started writing my heart out, mostly on marketing and branding. The answers resonated with people, they started getting noticed. One fine afternoon, I came back to my office desk from the scorching heat and disappointing field visit.

I had a message from a random person, and it read – “Hi Rohit. I have read some of your answers & i really appreciate your style of writing. Do you love selling Insurance? It seems to be very boring task.

We are a tech startup building real-time enterprise quoting platform that helps businesses of any size write & receive sales proposals, eliminating boring spreadsheets & email conversations back & forth.

We are seed-funded & about to launch after 3 months. I am looking for someone who can help us build content marketing team. I can share the vision & pitch you the product if you were interested.



I jumped on the opportunity. Hiren taught me everything a newbie content writer needs to know about SaaS content. Thank you, my man. I worked with him on weekends for 3 months and full-time for 4 months before we decided that the product needs more pivots before it would need marketing.

Act III: The Lowest Paying Job

Next up was to decide on my next adventure. I applied in whichever company was hiring (the good old spray and pray). I converted 3 job offers. One from a B2C Fintech, one from a mobile app agency, and one from a tiny 20 people product start-up called WebEngage.

WebEngage offered the least salary of the 3. I said no, a couple of times. I gave up on it, Avlesh didn’t give up on me. He asked me, why can’t I join. He offered a joining bonus of Rs 50,000 so that I can put in the deposit of my stay at Mumbai. That’s how cool he is.

WebEngage took a chance on me. I took a chance on a 20 people startup. Both of us ended at the right side of history. Thankful.